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    The planned medical clinic for Wolf Lake sounds like a good thing to me. It certainly might address a need. That it's going to be located in the Luckey Museum a former hospital is cool, although I hope it doesn't wind up being a problem for the museum. I'm glad the museum's board are supportive of the clinic, though.

    It's interesting to me that this is a true "grass roots" effort. The only politician involved is from Fort Wayne, not Noble County, and he's functioning here as a doctor. And it might not have happened if someone hadn't noticed all these people were talking about the same idea and put them in touch with each other!

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    Heard that they were going to increase their operating hours after the first of the year.Guess they have had alot of business so far.

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    It will be one day per week after the beginning of the year. The full story is here:

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    I am the director of the clinic for DeKalb county and have given some guidance to the Wolf Lake clinic and put their director and Dr. Hayhurst together. There will be another clinic opening this spring in Stueben County that I have also been working with. Our clinic in Dekalb County sees approximately 400 patients a month. 99% of the time these clinics are grass roots efforts and volunteer based. Many also have some type of church in the community that gets the ball rolling. Not sure if this is the case in Noble county or not. Most clinic just serve the county that they are located in because funding generally comes from grants, foundations, donations and fundraisers. For obvious reason, no goverment dollars


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