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Thread: Broadband Availability in Your Community

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    Reading the IMAN article and looking into it further, it doesn’t look like the people living in the rural areas outside the towns will benefit from this service. I looked into the National Broadband Plan at and found Dekalb County ranks 77 out of 92 counties and Steuben County ranks 87 out of 92 counties for broadband service. When you consider all of the schools getting computers for the students to use, it is a real shame when you know there are some students that don’t have High Speed Internet available in their homes. But your voice can be heard and it is very easy to do. I would encourage everyone to go to website and test there broadband speed and if you don’t have broadband available, please report it on this site. They are collecting data to improve broadband availability. I have provided a link to the testing page or reporting no available broadband. It doesn’t take very long and this could only help improve our communities.
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    Excellent suggestion 2cents!
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    I am curious why Auburn, which is mostly an industrial community seems to have better technology than Angola...when Angola is a summer town with loads of "rich folk" summer revenue.


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