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Thread: Meth Addiction - and other addictions

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    I'm preparing to go to a funeral viewing this afternoon of a beloved Uncle of mine who lived a long and fruitful life. He leaves behind so many memories of happy, loving times spent with so many family and friends. While I wait for time to go to the funeral home, I've been browsing the KPC web news and am in a bit more of a reflective mood at this time than what is probably usual for me.

    The number of arrests for Meth and other drug charges seem to be so prominent. It is very discouraging to read. Then I came across a poem on Meth Addiction posted this past Monday that I hadn't noticed until just now.

    How very sad this drug has truly stolen this man's joy in life away from him. LIFE is such a precious gift. There is a beginning and an escaping the end for all of us sometime. Everything we do REALLY DOES MATTER. It matters not only to those who love you, it especially matters to YOU and the quality of life you experience while you are still living. YES, some days will really be horrible and yet how you experience them is not out of your control. YOU always have the choice in how you react, even in the bad times. As long as any of us have life, we have the ability to change our choices and choose what brings love and happiness to ourselves and others. One day, someone will be preparing to go to each of our funerals.

    My message is to all who are suffering from life stealing addictions. Please change your choices and give yourself the OPPORTUNITY to experience some real happiness (not drug induced) while you are still living. I also hope that you are able to overcome your addictions and when people are preparing to attend your funeral, you will have left them with memories of love and happiness as my Uncle has done.
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