As a senior citizen, I found the following article to be helpful. Hopefully, I would have been as aware as Barbara Roth was. I just feel this story is worth passing forward.

The call that Barbara Roth got this week would be downright scary to a lot of people.

The man on the phone identified himself as a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, and he had a wealth of information about Roth. Not only did he know her name and address and phone number, he knew that she had filled a prescription over the phone, and he even had the last four digits of the credit card she had used.

The call, though, wasn’t friendly. The man claimed that the woman had bought the prescription illegally, that it had come from the Dominican Republic and that a warrant was going to be issued for her arrest. In fact, they were sending a man to her home, and he would be there in a few minutes.

Fortunately for Roth, she had previously worked for the Better Business Bureau and could smell a rat. She asked the caller for a phone number, said she’d call back and hung up.

Of course, it was all a scam, but an interesting one in which the con men, armed with a lot of information, convince their targets that they are about to be arrested unless they pay a hefty fine, which can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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