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    After the Romney staffer remark about in the fall Romney will hit the reboot button and erase everything he said in the primarie's like shaking down an Etch-a-Sketch, Etch-a-Sketch sales are up 1500%. And Ohio Art stock doubled.

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    All of our Republicans have an interest in job creation. Unfortunately for Americans, these are off shore jobs or imported H1B workers from other nations. Workers who will work for less wages & benefits so that they may shove more profits into their personal bank accounts and sustain the financial strength of their political party who is willing to suppress the middle class American workers.

    Brain washing our middle class and low income citizens has not been a problem for them as long as they can wrap their messages within the flag of 'God and Country'...Sounds so very noble, why should any good American citizens take the personal effort to investigate and do their own homework on how this is truthfully effecting their personal finances and their families future standard of living? Do not confuse the masses in the Red states with facts and details.

    Does the Left go wrong also? You are darn right they do. I posted a previous video of interviews done on the Bill Maher show of those who are receiving welfare in NYC that obviously have the abilities and responsibility to be self supportive. So what do we do as voters and citizens? I believe we must take the act of voting more seriously. After all these people are handling our tax monies. Who would hand over their personal check to strangers and believe that because they ran the largest adds on TV and Media, they deserve our trust to handle our monies? The quality of government and budget decisions we are experiencing is a direct result of the quality of responsible voting our citizens are giving our nation.
    "It is the power of thought that gives man power over nature."
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    The Romney campaign's "Fall reboot" and "etch-a-sketch" gaffe could be even more damning to his campaign than the Willie Horton ad, Al Gore "created the Internet" and John Kerry the "flip-flopper" meme. This article outlines the reasons this metaphor for Romney is so accurate and damaging.

    Below are some reasons:

    It seems clear already that this gaffe will have legs, as they say. Here's why:

    1.As columnist Chris Cillizza explains, "Gaffes that matter are those that speak to a larger narrative about a candidate or a doubt/worry that voters already have about that particular candidate." The Etch-a-Sketch gaffe "is likely to linger in the electorate it speaks to a broader storyline already bouncing around the political world: That Romney lacks any core convictions and that he will say and do whatever it takes to win."

    2.This gaffe comes before the nomination fight has been settled, which means it will be used by both sides -- Democrats and the conservatives who don't trust Romney. Indeed, the use of the Etch a Sketch gaffe by Romney's opponents will make it easier for Obama to use it in the fall.

    3.It is a metaphor, and nothing is more powerful in political messaging than a metaphor, good or bad. Artistotle wrote, "The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor." Modern cognitive research confirms this: "Studies reveal that virtually all of our abstract conceptualization and reasoning is structured by metaphor." Few things endure like a metaphor: Churchill's "iron curtain" metaphor lasted for a half century. [Todd's note: People learn by metaphor and analogy. Story telling was our oldest method of transmitting cultural knowledge. And it still works well.]

    4.Relatedly, it is a visual metaphor that everyone knows. The reason metaphors are so powerful is that they connect something we understand and can describe easily (how an Etch a Sketch works) with something we can't (how Romney works). If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a good metaphor is worth 2000.

    5.Etch a Sketch is itself a figure of speech -- a rhyme -- which makes it an even more memorable phrase. Rhymes, like the best figures, work because they aid memory. Indeed, the figures of speech were essentially developed by the great bards like Homer precisely because they made it easier for them to remember epic poems and because they stuck in the listener's ears.

    6.You can hold in your hands. It can be used as a prop. Romney's opponents, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have already done events holding Etch a Sketches.

    7.Cartoonists and others can draw something with the Etch a Sketch, giving the gaffe endlessly variety.

    8.The company itself, Ohio Art, has a motivation to keep pushing the metaphor to boost sales. Ad exec Jordan Zimmerman says, "It will help resurrect the brand and drive sales. If they are smart, they will parlay this." And in fact, the Detroit Free Press reports that Ohio Art is already "sending a big box of Etch A Sketches to the presidential campaigns to say thanks for the publicity and a boost in sales."

    And this:
    The Whitehouse will not need new curtains come January 2013, IMO.
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