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Thread: Improving the Kendallville area.

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    Default Improving the Kendallville area.

    Kudos to Shepards Buick GMC for tearing down a local eye sore and beautiful improvement. We need more of this.

    There are plenty of warehouses and abandoned buildings around town that should be torn down for new construction rather than destroying more farm land.

    The new apartments behind the Eagles Lodge is a good example. Why not tear down the old foundry property instead? Exactly how long do we have to look at it? This would be an excellent location for an apartment project. Residents could walk to local businesses and an ugly blight would be gone. More importantly, some of our farm and natural beauty land would be saved.

    Noble county is the home to much beauty. Lakes, farms and woods. This is our most important asset and we need to appreciate what we have.

    Our planning commissioners need to be more involved in removing abandoned buildings before approving new construction in rural areas.

    John and Linda Peterson, Rome City, Indiana.

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    Default Re: Improving the Kendallville area.

    Nobody is going to touch those area's. The cost for demo and more importantly the cost for removing contaminated ground would be staggering I am sure. I would expect to see those building there for years if not decades to come.
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